Electrical outlet covers

When you have kids or animals in the house you should seriously consider using safe electric outlet cover solutions, because they are aimed at reducing the risk of accidental electrical shock when child or animal play with an outlet.

Do not forget about first precaution - teach you children to stay away from dangerous electrical devices and outlets. But some extra defense is not redundant.

There are three different ways how outlets are protected:

  1. The simplest method is just electrical outlet caps, designed so that they fit into a receptacle as a usual plug, covering it completely while the outlet is not used. This is the cheapest method, but it has drawbacks - child can still be able to remove it from outlet. So then looking for caps look for ones that are hard to get out of receptacle.
  2. Another method is to use electrical outlet covers with sliding panels with an internal spring. When you insert the plug into the outlet you slide the panel that plug go into the receptacle. When you remove the electric cord, panel slides back automatically, forced by a spring. This model is effective, but, as well as a first one, it doesn't stop child from playing with a plug already plugged in an outlet.
  3. The most sophisticated method is uses the special outlet covers that prevents child not only from accessing an empty outlet, but also prevent them from plugging out already attached cord.